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  • What's the process?
    Ideally, in short order once we agree that we are a good match, we will work together to: strategically prepare the property to make the best first impression price the property competitively to maximize your profit execute a sales contract after brief & reasonable negotiations smoothly expedite the contract-to-close details until the home is sold! To simultaneously sell & buy, let's brainstorm best options based on your situation & goals....
  • Where to start?
    1. Prepare the property now to make the BEST FIRST IMPRESSION. Your immediate goal is to just start somewhere & then keep going until the property feels as good as a resort hotel room. For a detailed list of to-dos, download my "Seller Homework: Prelist Prep" or simply start to declutter and deep clean room by room. 2. Complete my "New Seller Questionnaire" so I can start to research comparable values, assess potential considerations that may affect value or ability to sell & also plan our next steps. For me, I get all the important information organized in one place. For you, the questionnaire functions as an introduction on how to best position your property among the competition. ​ Once complete, if you would like, I can set up a MLS search for you with automatic email updates of all sales activity in the neighborhood so you can track values & your competition. 3. Pick your RealtorⓇ. Maybe that's me, maybe not. Selling real estate is a big money endeavor with many moving parts. Trust, ease of communication & teamwork are essential to a happy ending for all parties involved, especially when unforeseeable complications arise (most common are property condition, financing and title discrepencies). To learn more about me, peruse the "Your Hometown Consultant" page of this website. I’m an open book if you have any questions.
  • What's my home worth?
    Valueing a property is subjective work. What your home is worth to you based on the experience of your ownership vs. what your home is worth to me based on research into rececnt comparable values (aka "comps") & trends vs. what a buyer is willing to pay based on their perception of value vs. what an appraiser will tell a lender your home is worth will necessarily vary... sometimes greatly. Ultimately, value is a negotiable target with many personal & logistical considerations. When I determine value for list price in MLS, I start with a range of value based on similar recent sales in the neighborhood or area. Online valuation tools found online at & or branded agent websites are pretty much all the same but can be helpful for such a big picture value. Detailed research into the tangible & intangible specifics of a home compared to the upgrades or needed improments of recent sales will help us to narrow down the range to a goal while we prepare the home for sale. Our ability to reach that goal is determined by: how well we prepare, improve & maintain the condition & appearance of the home for professional photography & showings our property-specific marketing strategy timing Ultimately, a best first impression is key to value. We cannot affordably move a home to improve location or substantially renovate a home to fix functionally or fashionably obsolete detractions. We can, however, strategize how to put our best foot forward & then follow through to increase our value potential. I would rather we take more time preparing the property to go live in MLS than cut corners for convenience that could later cost of thousands of dollars.
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